Tulum Mexico

Mexico Wedding Photographers_2317Mexico Wedding Photographers_2297The above 2 photos are hanging in our living room wall, the center of attention and beckoning me to come back to Mexico every time I look at them. We went to the Riviera Maya to photograph Brett and Layne’s wedding, (see their wedding here) and had a few days of ultra relaxing, beautiful vacation in Tulum. We stayed at El Pez Tulum and cannot say enough good things about it. Continue reading for more details.Mexico Wedding Photographers_2341Mexico Wedding Photographers_2314

This is the view that greeted us at the top of the Tulum Ruins. I literally held my breath. Such a majestic, beautiful place and the water really is that color! Mexico Wedding Photographers_2313Mexico Wedding Photographers_2311Mexico Wedding Photographers_2305

This view is from our little beach at El Pez, absolutely beautiful. The beach is a little cove with a large rock that provides a place for men and pelicans to fish together every morning and watch the sunrise. Mexico Wedding Photographers_2283Mexico Wedding Photographers_2289Mexico Wedding Photographers_2295Mexico Wedding Photographers_2288Mexico Wedding Photographers_2287Mexico Wedding Photographers_2293

Gran Cenote is a must see while in Tulum, and it was the first cenote we visited. Our Nikonos V underwater film camera had quite a learning curve and we ended up with mostly blurry photos, but a few like the one below came out beautifully.
Mexico Wedding Photographers_2332Mexico Wedding Photographers_2336Mexico Wedding Photographers_2337Mexico Wedding Photographers_2335Mexico Wedding Photographers_2338Mexico Wedding Photographers_2334Mexico Wedding Photographers_2333Mexico Wedding Photographers_2339Mexico Wedding Photographers_2301

The Tulum ruins are small compared to others in the Riviera Maya area, but they were the only ones we had time to get to and they were WELL worth it. Mexico Wedding Photographers_2309Mexico Wedding Photographers_2308Mexico Wedding Photographers_2307Mexico Wedding Photographers_2306Mexico Wedding Photographers_2304Mexico Wedding Photographers_2310

Adelita restaurant on Paradise Beach was hands down the best food we had all week. We ended up in front of it to take our boat tour to snorkel in front of Tulum Ruins and it was just heavenly.
Mexico Wedding Photographers_2320Mexico Wedding Photographers_2318Mexico Wedding Photographers_2319Mexico Wedding Photographers_2314Mexico Wedding Photographers_2340Mexico Wedding Photographers_2330Mexico Wedding Photographers_2329Mexico Wedding Photographers_2290

This was our little porch at El Pez and it was probably about 6am in this photo. We woke with the sunrise at 5am every morning and around 6:30 fresh coffee was delivered to our porch to enjoy while watching the fishermen and pelicans on the rock. Best experience ever!Mexico Wedding Photographers_2299

Tulum ruins from the sea. We bought tickets for a little boat to take us snorkeling on the reef in the ocean. It was windy that day unfortunately so snorkeling was difficult, but we were still able to see some fish and the reef. Mexico Wedding Photographers_2315Mexico Wedding Photographers_2328

Paradise BeachMexico Wedding Photographers_2316

A cenote that was not the best for snorkeling. It was very cloudy and full of debris, but there is definitely something strange feeling about being in these pools that the Mayan people thought were portals to the gods.Mexico Wedding Photographers_2321Mexico Wedding Photographers_2324Mexico Wedding Photographers_2331Mexico Wedding Photographers_2323

These huge dudes were everywhere at Tulum Ruins. Mexico Wedding Photographers_2312

The best part of Bar Adelita, sit in this dreamy spot while enjoying your cocktails.
Mexico Wedding Photographers_2302

Another cenote we visited that was really just a small lake with no cave.Mexico Wedding Photographers_2294

The view from El Pez the very minute we arrived. It’s beautiful in both stormy and clear weather.Mexico Wedding Photographers_2284Mexico Wedding Photographers_2282Mexico Wedding Photographers_2292Mexico Wedding Photographers_2291

Our room at El Pez. Comfortable and able to have a breeze flowing through with screen door and windows.
Mexico Wedding Photographers_2285

This is our porch and the little front yard at El Pez, my very favorite part of the whole place. I didn’t see any other place that had a sitting area like this with the grass and it was just amazing to walk into this each day. We did a lot of night reading in the chairs too while listening to the waves. Mexico Wedding Photographers_2286

View of El Pez from the rock.Mexico Wedding Photographers_2298Mexico Wedding Photographers_2296

Continental breakfast is included at El Pez and was perfectly satisfying for a light and fresh meal. Mexico Wedding Photographers_2279Mexico Wedding Photographers_2280

We visited the port town of Puerto Morelos which was quite lovely and we hope to spend some more time there next time we are in Mexico. Mexico Wedding Photographers_2325

A night photo of El Pez coveMexico Wedding Photographers_2277

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