Bristol Harbour Resort

Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0005Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0006This was a very special wedding to us because Steve and Kate are two of our best friends in New York. Kate and I met several years ago at the medical center we both worked at and Ben and I have been lucky to witness Kate and Steve’s relationship from the beginning. They are absolutely perfect for each other and they couldn’t have picked a better spot to get married. Brisol Harbour Resort overlooks Canandaigua Lake and we were so lucky to have the most amazingly beautiful day with no rain, a rarity in Central New York! Kate likes simple details and I really loved how she chose a stunning location with a really beautiful reception room that didn’t need to be decorated a lot to look amazing.

Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0007Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0008Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0009Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0010Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0011Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0012Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0013Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0014Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0015Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0016Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0019Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0020Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0021Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0022Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0023Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0024Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0025Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0026Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0027Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0030Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0031Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0032Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0033Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0034Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0035Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0036Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0037Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0038Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0039Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0040Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0041Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0042Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0043Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0044Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0045Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0046Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0047Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0048Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0049Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0050Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0051Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0053057Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0017Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0052The Swooners were absolutely fantastic, one of our favorite bands to date!

Bristol Harbour WeddingBrisol Harbour WeddingBrisol Harbour WeddingBristol Harbour WeddingCharlotte Wedding Photographers_0055Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0057Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0058Charlotte Wedding Photographers_0059LOVE what you see? Contact us through the tab at the top of the page to book us for your wedding! We are Charlotte Wedding Photographers available worldwide.