Bridal at Laguna Beach

001Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer002Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer

Kindred spirit, this girl.

We both watch Doctor Who and Marvel movies.

We were both homeschooled and had mostly guy friends in college.

The instant we started talking, I wanted to be best friends!

Luckily for me, she’s also absolutely stunning in front of the camera and is a professional makeup artist.

Laguna Beach is every bit as beautiful as everyone always says it is.


And we saw a whale jump out of the water several times just off shore!

Part two of this shoot will be coming soon with another, even more beautiful dress.

Bouquet arranged by me, supplied by Trader Joes.

Film developed and scanned by Pro Photo Irvine
004Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer005Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer019Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer003Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer006Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer007Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer008Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer009Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer010Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer018Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer011Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer012Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer013Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer014Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer016Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer015Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer017Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer020Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer

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