Ben & Sarah

Charlotte Wedding PhotographersCharlotte Wedding Photographers

Photos by Sansaara Photography

We don’t take pictures. It’s much more than that. We save your memories in carefully crafted images to relive your most precious moments through over and over. We pour our heart and soul into every photo that we create. There are a whole lot of options for picture takers, but we offer you artful, thoughtful images of who you were at that fleeting moment in time.

We’ve been working together as a team for almost a decade, able to anticipate each other’s movements and thoughts, photographing events seamlessly. We both grew up loving photography, so it became a natural progression into a career that we should do together. Our daily lives consist of spending time pampering our 3 fur children, planning our next trip to a place we haven’t seen yet, and learning how to garden. We are all film photographers because we feel that film gives us a much more beautiful and emotional image than digital technology. We are always working to learn more and love experimenting with new films and cameras.


Sarah is the co-founder of Composed Workshop and the founder of The Film Photographer’s Workshop_4482

Photos by Asia Pimentel Photography_4483