Temecula Creek Inn Wedding Inspiration

So excited about our upcoming film photography workshop, The Film Photographer’s Workshop! This shoot was at our beautiful venue, Temecula Creek Inn. Our team will be teaching everything about film and shooting in any light, including very dark rooms, and giving attendees the confidence to shoot anywhere, any time with film. We starting using film in our work a few years ago, and quickly realized that we wanted to transition fully to film since digital was just not looking so hot next to our film images. Our big fears surrounded shooting in dark wedding reception spaces, and we thought it was difficult and complicated to solve that problem. Many people say you simply “can’t” shoot film in anything but perfect light. But that doesn’t make any sense, does it, since film has been used for a whole lot longer than digital?! What we ended up learning was that not only is it possible to shoot film in any space using lighting, it’s EASIER than using lighting with film than it is with digital! We don’t see this being taught in workshops very often, so we wanted to start one that addresses the fears most film wedding photographers have about shooting wedding receptions, and the desire they have to shoot more film. Attendees will leave our workshop having the confidence and knowledge they need to be the best film photographer around.

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