Winter Wedding Inspiration

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I’m always looking for ways I can portray a bridal shoot with anything but traditional American bridal clothes. I’ve got some awesome thoughts brewing about shoots this coming year too, so stay tuned for those! Kristin worked with us on the QC Exclusive cover fashion shoot a few months ago and we worked together so well that I knew I wanted to use her for more of my ideas. The wardrobe in this shoot is entirely mine, makeup and hair by Layne with Blush Beauty and Makeup, “hair band” doubled as Layne’s wedding belt (see her wedding in Mexico blogged here) and the greens were from Trader Joe’s. The husky was a funny story. We were using the space in front of a local dog park and I remarked how I wished we could get a husky for a few photos. Literally a couple of minutes later, out walked the perfect husky. I asked the owner if we could borrow him for a minute and he cooperated for just 2 photos. Totally made my day!

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